Transformational coaching retreats with Grace in Ostuni, Italy

Coco Chanel famously declared “You can die more than once in your life, you know”.
Luckily for us her journey demonstrates that we can also be reborn, brought back to life and live with purpose, passion and oodles of style.

If you’d love to feel truly alive again, (think waking up inspired, desired and admired), Grace invites you to join her for 3 days of transformational coaching that will leave you rejuvenated and reborn as you also enjoy her exquisite insider’s experience of Puglia, Italy.

Get ready to come alive again as you spend time in Grace’s presence receiving coaching support that will move you to your next evolution all whilst taking part in Grace’s Italian lifestyle, visiting beautiful places, sampling some of the finest cuisines and indulging in much needed relaxation as well as a private style experience.

I would come on a retreat again with Grace, I’ve done 3 already, because I feel reborn and rejuvenated every time!! I feel safe in Grace’s hands and can relax and let it be all about me – she has everything else under control and the coaching I receive in person ALWAYS moves me forward!

I also bsolutely love being in Ostuni! It’s so beautiful, the atmosphere the energy, I find the hotel restful and exquisite- I love the views from the balconies, the rooms are so restful and simple but nurturing. I love the food everywhere – every meal is an act of joy in itself!

Eileen Bell


If covid or a heartbreak or a loss has left you feeling dead on the inside this is your opportunity to move beyond that now and become truly alive again

With everything taken care of for you , you’ll arrive in Ostuni able to sit back, relax, receive your breakthroughs and enjoy the customised retreat Grace creates specifically for you.

Helped me find peace and quit my job

What makes working with Grace so unique is her personalized approach that elicits clients’ own inner wisdom.

I’ve flown from L.A to attend Grace’s live events and retreats, both have been an all-around delight where you feel yourself transformed not by effort but by the ease of being in Grace’s mentorship.

You absorb change, almost by osmosis, and find yourself joyfully transformed as a result of it. Grace has helped me find peace of mind and direction concerning my career, I’ve gone on to leave my role as a professor at UCLA to finally start my own business doing something I love.

Silvia Kratzer

Schedule your 1:1 call with Grace here to learn more and discover if this retreat is for you.

I specifically invite you to Italy, away from your normal routine and environment, where you’ll now be distraction free and surrounded by the finest of beauty, so you can wake up inspired and access new ideas.


This is a retreat I intend to repeat each year

The retreat with Grace has been a highlight of this year as a result of attending I’ve been able to take inspired action with much less overthinking.
I’m now finally creating my own coaching programme and online course.

I wanted to spend time in beautiful Puglia and work with Grace on getting clarity on my business and other areas of my life.

Grace has a beautiful way of not letting you get caught up in the stories and the ‘whys’ instead she is steadfast in guiding the conversation back to who you really are and the well being that is always with you.

Grace looked after me the whole three days and we got to work and play while experiencing the beauty of Puglia and enjoy some delicious local food and wine.

I often look back on my time with Grace and remember the simplicity and clarity I felt about my work and life.

This is a retreat I intend to repeat each year.

Neeta O Keefe

I’ve gone on to host my own retreats!

I got so lost in all the online stuff that I became very overwhelmed and disconnected from myself, then I found Grace and in our time together I feel I’ve come home to myself in a whole new way.

I’ve experienced an innate confidence, clarity and grounded-ness that I never knew was possible .

After attending her retreat in Italy I’m smiling from the inside out these days, feeling so connected to my business direction and how I can help my clients.

I’ve gone on to leave a job, host my own retreats, sell my first ever 3 month package and now enjoy my business.

Margaret McDonald

I got a clear direction that felt perfect for me, the essence of my brand and how to bring all of my passions under one umbrella

Grace is a breath of fresh air in the coaching world! Grace has guided me to reclaim my inner calm and wisdom so that I can my own success and happiness.

When I started working with Grace, I was not only starting a new business, but I was also enrolled in another program whereby I was becoming more overwhelmed, confused, and quite honestly,
under-motivated because I still wasn’t getting any clarity on my new business.

Eventually the stress from the other program manifested in my body as a medical emergency!

Days later, Grace called and invited me to join her retreat in Italy and she offered me an opportunity to give a fashion styling presentation.
My heart wanted to go, but my pain was dreadful,

My doctor was very concerned, my flights from Hawaii to Italy would be 30+ hours and additional finances weren’t easily available. “I couldn’t…,” but, I said “yes!”

I listened to my heart and quickly acted upon my innate wisdom; I made my travel plans within 24 hours.

I’ve always believed that my power as a woman is knowing that I am smart enough, resourceful enough, capable enough and dedicated enough to overcome circumstances that would stop me from becoming who I was meant to be.

I divinely knew that there was no particular reason to go and yet,
there was every reason in the world – despite my circumstances – that I needed to retreat.

I trusted that Grace’s invitation would help me rise to my higher wisdom, open my eyes and transform me in ways I did not yet know. I had faith, I was willing, and I was open to indulge in my Self (as a woman and an entrepreneur), in my business and in the possibilities of whatever I was meant to learn in the process of this journey to be in retreat.

The private luxury villa in the countryside of Puglia was exactly what the doctor should have ordered!

Grace paced the days with mind, body and soul-filled activities for us to indulge in and she created “open spaces” for individual explorations with whatever was on our minds or in our hearts.

Grace’s gentle inspirations, guiding insight and genuine caring nurtured the wisdom within me so that I could see my own solutions, know who I was meant to serve and how to do so in my own unique style!

Despite my extreme hardships to get there, I walked away Confident in every aspect of my being with an extra (Italian) “inner-glow,” knowing with certainty my gifts of service that I have to offer to women and the world.

I got a clear direction that felt perfect for me, the essence of my brand and how to bring all of my passions under one umbrella whilst still allowing me and my business to intuitively grow.

I am forever grateful that I said “yes” to my Self and I highly recommend this unique and beautiful experience to work with Grace.

Rita O’Connor, Transformational Life Coach in the Art Of Being A Woman

As a result of attending the retreat I’ve gone on to create the income and purchase the land to begin bringing my dream to life!

I really enjoyed the retreat with Grace, I travelled from Florida for the first time to Puglia. What I loved was the sense of peace and clarity I gained by being in the space with Grace and the other women. I also loved how much time and access I had with Grace as my coach, nothing was rushed and it was like I could ask anything and everything, as ideas came to me across the 3 days.

The hospitality and luxury lifestyle elements alongside the coaching made this a unique experience.

As a result of attending the retreat I got clear on my desire to build a home in the Caribbean and I’ve since gone on to create the income and purchase the land to begin bringing this dream to life!

Sherie Francis

A private retreat with Grace is definitely an investment worth gifting yourself!

After doing some online work with Grace, I wanted to have my own “personal container” and do a “deep dive” into my plans for moving forward; and to think it could be in one of my favourite countries Italy, omg, sign me up.

Like always I got more than expected as I spent time “hearing more from myself & less from the world”.

Yes, I got the “nuts & bolts” messaging & marketing template that will assist me in moving any of my life leadership offerings along but the greater clarity came through about the timing of these offerings, it was “not now!”

My retreat helped clarify my direction and next step.

I tapped into my wisdom, which whispered “Sabbatical “ this was supposed to remain my focus.

I had been turning in the direction of the worlds “next thing” for me when my best service to the world right now was showing up on “sabbatical” in honor of my own self-care and being a radiant example that it is ok to take care of yourself.

Loving living this retreat result today.

Hope you too get the chance to “hear more from You” on retreat with Grace in Italy!


My business is flourishing the retreat was my best investment!

It was a stylish retreat! However it was not only about my stylish surroundings. Through Grace’s intuitive coaching I had some ‘aha’ moments during the retreat and in the days that followed. The retreat gave me space to think, inquire and to just be.

As a result, my confidence has increased and it has started a transformational process. I have launched my first podcast; Her Career Confidence- for busy women with big ambition, interviewing influential women about their challenges and success.

My business is flourishing as I have secured £20,000 in contracts already, and it’s only the beginning of the year. I’m also training to run 5K this year as I take on a new fitness challenge. The retreat was my best investment because I have created amazing results since attending and I know that there is more to come.

Beverley Bramwell

The retreat was a perfect blend of self care, adventure, and business support

Attending the Stylish Business Retreat in Italy with Grace was truly magical and exactly what I needed for me to anchor in my desires and focus on what was most important for me and my business. The retreat was a perfect blend of self care, adventure, and business support.

Since the retreat, I have manifested 10days in the Amalfi coast staying at luxury locations, selling a $5k package, hosted a high end client in New York city, and have an overall deeper connection with myself that has created a sense of peace that has me clearer and focused for the new year ahead with intentions to live in a new apartment, spend the summer months in Italy, travel to Dubai and host my signature design your life retreats.

Danielle Rosa