This morning I sat in meditation and called on Francesco for support.
I specifically asked him to send me a sign of validation that he was still with me.
Immediately I saw an image of Coca Cola.
At first I dismissed this sign but then he sent it to me again, more strongly.
So I knew, ok Coca Cola it is.
I’ll know it’s you when I see it.
Now, it’s easy to see Cola everywhere in Italy.
It’s not every day you end up sitting in your friend’s spare room for a minute and there’s an empty Coca Cola can sitting on the shelf in between the books!
That was it.❤️
The sign he’d sent me that he’s still alive and kicking with me.
You can do as I did and get quiet and ask your loved ones for a sign, you may feel a sensation or get an image
You can request a sign of your choice that you ask they send you.
Your only job is to be open to the evidence you get, be on the look out, rather than write it off as “coincidence”.
The feeling you fall into in discovering the validation will tell you all you need to know and trust me, the sign will be unusual how it shows up.
Not common.
Like I passed a lot of Coca Cola bottles in the supermarket today, I knew that wasn’t my sign from Fran.
That’s just normal.
But when I saw it , unexpectedly, in the room I happened to be sitting in, where I’d never normally be on a Monday afternoon and on a book shelf , I knew… That’s HIM!
We’re connected.
He’s with me
He’s guiding me.
What a fabulous feeling to fall into amongst the loss and grief.
The ups and downs.
No, it’s not DENIAL.
It’s pure LOVE from above!
Much love to you on your journey, keep asking.

If I can be of help to you on your journey, get in touch xx


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