Thank You Hachi you’ve been loyal right to the end.
Thank You for teaching me to stop resisting my experience.
Thank You for teaching me that with the power of eye focus we can get the best bits of cheese and anything else from the table and life for that matter!
Thank You for being with Francesco when he died and going back to him now.
People keep saying you wanted back to your master, true & what they don’t know is that you were a Mummy’s boy.
That you wanted Mummy the freedom to move.
That’s how loyal you were, you died for us BOTH.
Francesco used to call you my shadow.
Now my shadow’s gone, the room is empty and after 11 years of being constantly together, this is very hard.
Thank You for bringing love, happiness & peace.
You relaxed my overstimulated nervous system with your gentle look and touch.
Thank You for creating crowds of people around us in the street when you first landed in Italy, it helped us make new friends here as they stood admiring your beauty.
And boy were you BEAUTIFUL!
Thank You for bringing me into alignment so easily and effortlessly, even now in your passing, I am falling back into that space.
A feeling of peace that you are HOME is washing over me.
Thank You for accepting Celestino as your little brother, as a result of learning directly from you he is also a very good boy.
Most of all Thank You for comforting us in these hard months of grief where it sometimes feels like there’s nothing to live for…
You showed up, gave purpose, even in your illness gave me new focus and now that you’re gone from this world, Thank You for becoming another angel in my life, always by my side.

Rest In Peace my beautiful boy, you did the best job in the world.💗#MummysBoy #CiroFormaggio