Whether you feel you aren’t ever doing enough and live in judgement of yourself never truly being able to relax….


You find yourself overwhelmed with too much on your plate, feeling like there’s not enough time and everything needs done now and perfectly…..


Join Transformational Coach, Grace Kelly, as she leads you through her new workshop designed to help you have a new relationship to “busy” & “perfect”.

Be less busy and get freedom from Bob the drunk guy in your head who won’t let you rest and discover how much more creative and naturally productive you become!

In this workshop we’ll:.

Explore how the mind really works.
Gain a deeper understanding of the Principles that guide every experience in life.
Discern between wisdom’s guidance and Bob (ego) kicking off.
Enjoy a guided meditation or two.
Open up to live coaching on your specific questions.

Topics covered in the workshop include:

How to stop overcommitting.

Desires vs Obligation and learning to trust your feelings.

Ending the pursuit of constantly needing to feel better

A gentler experience of grief, loss and sudden change.

Opening up to more consistent inspired action.

Trusting your ideas and following through.

An end to scaring yourself about money.

You are enough and whatever effort you make is enough.

Connecting with your Spiritual Team so you aren't doing all yourself.

Finding focus when you have a million ideas and can't put the rubber to the road.

Taking the weight of your body off your mind.

As a result of attending this session you can expect to:

Unwind and relax fully as your mind begins to quiet.

Have a new relationship to "busy" taking appropriate action when moved to.

Learn to fully BE without the guilt or shame and awaken a deeper level of genius and creativity.

Experience a renewed sense of inspiration and passion for your work and life in general.

Learn what true preparation really is and why you don’t need to carry everything in your head.

Let go of anxiety about time and money, stop waking up at night and enjoy life in a new way.

Get freedom from emotions that weigh you down and block your progress.

Become discerning about when you genuinely need to do or learn something VS are acting out of habit & insecurity.

Swap irrational activity that wastes hours for taking divine action that yields results.

Stop scaring yourself about the future, your career, image or health and awaken a deeper trust.

Slow down to the speed of LOVE and experience a nicer feeling in all of your relationships.

Understand what your physical symptoms are trying to tell you and hear Grace's insight about Busy & Belly!

Be less dependent on your habits for relief from the busy-ness (Bob) in your head.

Learn to nurture your Spiritual Self vs needing more and more self-care.

Experience a stronger spiritual connection (Goodbye overwhelm!).

Awaken to a deeper feeling of alignment, light-heartedness and wellbeing.

Have a gentler experience of being YOU as you stop living life with a gun to your head.

Price: £47

Complete your one time payment and you instantly receive a password protected page with access to this course

I learned much & I will definitely be listening to the replay again

I want to share that I watched the replay since I was at work & wasn’t able to listen to all of the workshop. When I got done listening we went out & as I was the passenger in the car I started to have such a peaceful experience that went through my whole body & felt angelic💖
It was such a beautiful feeling.
I’ve had a beautiful feeling before since I’ve been in this conversation for 3 1/2 years now but this was more surrounding.
It was so nice.
I learned much & I will definitely be listening to the replay again & I’m sure I’ll get even more out of it.
Thank you Grace for your generous loving supportive summit💝

Laura Jeff Kersey, USA

A book just flowed out of me!

After attending this workshop my creative spark opened up ,I’ve written a book!

It just flowed out of me.

It’s short but it’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to share for years.

Nicki Byrne, Spain

I have taken on two brand new clients

As a result of the workshop I got really present with my clients and had an easier time coaching from my intuition rather than my busy mind, I have since also taken on two brand new clients who are paying me! This is a big win for me as I’ve finally transitioned from yoga teacher to coach, an objective I’ve been working on . Thank You for this powerful workshop!

Amy Soucy, NYC

Price: £47

Complete your one time payment and you instantly receive a password protected page with access to this course