The words Be As One were a staple of my meditations during my relationship with Francesco.

I’d often hear this simple wisdom in response to any upset I was in.

To my ego mind it could look like he needed to change or do things differently but to my soul I was constantly guided back to Be As One.

It’s innocent to blame our experience of people on people yet our experience is ALWAYS coming from the voice in our head.

If you listen to that voice long enough and believe all it says you’ll find you start to pull away from even those you previously loved!

That voice isn’t trustworthy, at the very time you begin to pull away from people know that that’s your time to Be As One.

To draw closer.

To listen more deeply.

To love.

To connect.

I’m glad I had the common sense to stop listening to and falling for that insecure voice in my head and to instead follow the advice of my wisdom, it made the remaining years of our relationship the best we ever had.

You see a relationship can get better and better, it doesn’t have to deteriorate as the years go on, if you’ll listen to your wisdom instead of that judgmental, insecure voice in your head, you’ll find the love that’s always there.