Where did you go?
When I see these photos I see life, love, full of future.
Then I remember you’re gone.
Where did you go my love?
Please come back.
I’ll give anything to have you in physical presence again.
I’ll walk 1000 miles.
I’ll sacrifice any part of my body, the physical doesn’t concern me now.
Bargaining they call this stage.
Where did you go my love?
You didn’t mean to leave me here, I know that , so come on back.
I’ll be less selfish.
I’ll give you attention over everything else everyday of my life.
These memories of you are so alive and fresh, I can still hear your voice, see you arriving back from a bike ride with your helmet on and the click clacking of those shoes with spikes that used to drive me mad.
That big smile “Baby I’m home”!
Where did you go my love, how is it you left me here in your beautiful land with your loving people and family, it’s just not right without you here.
Come back to me now.
I’ll do anything.
Whatever it takes to have you in my arms again.