So glad we got to travel the world 🌍 together before you had to leave.
What made me laugh most was your constant comparison to Italy anywhere we went…

Australia ….” Yeah but in Italy”
America….” Yeah but in Italy”
Ireland….”Yeah but in Italy”
Egypt…”Yeah but in Italy”
Asia… “Babe your flight’s about to leave get on it and get back to Italy”😂…

Now I find myself saying ” Yeah but in Italy” no matter where I am too.

And whilst I haven’t had the chance to miss flights yet, I hope Francesco will be in my ear reminding me when it’s time to depart, leave, change and go.

In the meantime , nothing really compares to Italy 🇮🇹 and isn’t that the most endearing trait ….

To love your country , your people your family and your nation so much that no matter where you go, nothing ever compare