I had a lovely healing meditation with my yoga teacher this morning

Sada Sat Kaur


Franceco always called her “Sat in the car” he loved to make fun with names!
The whole family all got a nickname including me.
I got crespelle, “crispy pancake” since his grandmother couldn’t pronounce Grace Kelly and came out with crespelle instead.
He loved that.
Then sometimes just to make me laugh he’d confuse people’s names.
John would be bill
Merinda would be Melinda.
Bobbie would be Bubi.
He was also very very quick at picking up dialect.
In Ireland when we don’t recall a name for a person we’ll say “I saw your man” or “What do ya call your man”?
Not literally your man, just referring to him we can’t recall.
When we don’t recall the name of an object we’ll.say “where’s the yoke”
Fran used to say this a lot to me like he was one of us.
“Babe I saw your man”
“Babe have you seen the yoke”
He was just so quick at picking up the way we spoke at home, he fitted in immediately and it was so endearing.
His ability to communicate so affectionately not just fluently.
The only mistake he made was on first meeting my family, they wanted to go to the pub,of course.
He announced he’d love to and that he’d “drink them all under the table.”
He literally said those words.🤦
I nearly fainted because A) He was a lightweight when it came to alcohol.
B) My family were going to discover this.
But that was him, always joking, up for the challenge.
Needless to say after 2 beers he was ready for bed.
I remember my father and brother rolling their eyes as they ordered the next pint and saying “where did you find him”?
He was so loved. ❤️