About Grace

I’m Grace Kelly and I successfully created an international coaching business with a global client base after leaving my 9-5 job as a school Teacher in London.

My success was rapid and not typical of someone entering a brand new industry; in fact in the first 6 months of my business I crossed the 6-figure mark and went on to generate over quarter of a million dollars whilst travelling the world seeing clients in luxury locations from Beverley Hills to Rome, London, Paris and St. Tropez.

This was a far cry from my days as a schoolteacher when I would wake up exhausted, dreading going to work and having long commutes daily, earning very little.

But after a few years into working in my business that I began to notice something was off.

I felt disconnected from my original vision of helping people. More and more I witnessed myself unable to relax and enjoy life.

Often worrying about how I measured up to my peers, and how I compared to others.

I was investing in trainings and programmes to equip myself as a coach, everything out there was screaming to stay on your game and follow the formula for long term success.

I knew all the things I was “supposed” to be doing… but I just wasn’t doing them. Partly because none of it ever felt right for me.

Then, I attended my first retreat and my mind finally got quiet enough to gain the profound insight about myself that literally changed everything.

I became aware of how seriously I’d been taking myself and my business and how I’d begun to identify my self-worth and confidence with my level of success.

I also saw that this seriousness had manifested itself as a deep feeling of self-consciousness to the point I couldn’t relax and connect with others or myself (or my ideal clients.)

And as this insight filtered more into my world, I began to lose the seriousness and enjoy life more fully.

This had an impact on my business postitively.

I came out of hiding, got more visible and more engaged with showing up eventually drawing in a new, more spiritual kind of clientele.

Within just a few months, I built up a brand new client base and following.

And I doubled the profits in my business!

So, I began helping other women move beyond their insecurities  to become clear on their passions and connected to their business direction too.

By combining the spiritual and the practical, my clients have learned to drop the seriousness and  access a new and graceful relationship to success, one whereby you don’t have to lose yourself or exhaust yourself or sacrifice your wisdom and wellbeing to succeed.

It’s an unraveling I’ve seen in myself and in my clients time and time again that happens through this deeply nourishing and awakening process.

I now know for certain that anyone can transition into their passion based business and create sustainable results in their life when they’re operating from a place of grace, it’s important to follow your wisdom and your way.